About Us


Charles Scott

Charles Scott has been flying for 30 years and flight instructing for 25 years.  He has held management positions for fixed base operations and Part 135 operators.  Teaching is something he truly enjoys and has shown this with a 21-year commitment to a local college teaching aviation ground courses.  

Many of Charles's students have gone on to successful aviation careers in both civilian and military fields,  and several often return to enjoy a day of flying from grass strips at a slower pace.


Thomas Koop

Tom grew up with airplanes, flying with his father, and accomplished his first solo flight at age 16.  He has been flight instructing for 20 years and after 30+ years as a partner in a national CPA firm, Tom opted for early retirement to focus on faith, family, and FLYING. 

Tom teaches "Fundamentals of Aviation" at Brainerd High School and loves teaching in the cockpit with all levels of students from primary, to instrument, to commercial, with a special focus on Multi-engine and Seaplane instruction in his Beech Baron 55 and his Cessna 180 on floats.


Tony Nelson

Tony had the dream of being a pilot from a young age.  When he began the pursuit of his dream he achieved it in a short time.  From the time Tony started as a student pilot to holding his Instructor Certificate in his hand was  a short three year period.  In the 28 years since that date Tony still enjoys the satisfaction of  watching a student pilot on there first solo.  When not instructing he is often traveling around the country in his Maule.