Training Aircraft

Cessna 172


In conjunction with NorthPointAviation, primary flight instruction is provided in  two Cessna 172s.  Both of these aircraft are equipped with full King Avionics.  They provide a great platform for your first flight through your Instrument Rating.

$115.00 per hour/ $105.00 per hour with $1000.00 on account

7KCAB Citabria

Tailwheel Training, Spin Training, Citabria 7KCAB

Looking for some Basic Aerobatic and Tailwheel instruction?  The Citabria is a flyer friendly aircraft that will allow you to experience the joy of loops, rolls, spins, and tailwheel experience towards your endorsement.  Give us a call about our advanced stall/spin and unusual attitude training program.

$140.00 per hour dual only

Cessna 182-RG


 For your Instrument and Commercial training needs, we offer a Cessna 182 RG that has recently received a panel upgrade with Garmin Equipment. To ensure a quality instrument experience the aircraft is ADF equipped after all anyone can follow a pink line on a GPS! Adding a High-Performance/Complex Endorsement is a great way to get some additional training while adding another sign off in the logbook.  Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks can be incorporated into the training to optimize the training time.

$175.00 per hour dual only

C-180 Floats and Wheels


Utilizing the Cessna 180, one of the primary workhorses of the aviation industry for decades, we can provide you with both tailwheel training (winter, the hard water months) and seaplane training  (summer, the soft water months).  The tailwheel endorsement is a great add-on for any pilot wanting to learn what the rudder pedals are really for.  A seaplane rating opens up the world of water flying, an experience that any aviator enjoys.

$175.00 per hour dual only (wheels)/$245.00 per hour dual only (floats)

Redbird TD2 Flight Simulator


This Basic Aviation Training Device is available for multiple aspects of your aviation training and proficiency.  Utilized for portions of the Private Certificate and the Instrument Rating, this tool provides a great training platform in a controlled environment.  Already Instrument rated?  Spending time in the Redbird will keep you current and meet your approach requirements.

$50.00 per hour